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Beautiful Testimonials

6 Week Makeover, New Jersey Bride Magazine

"Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to have braces when I was a kid.  Or maybe that was for the best seeing as how having my teeth fixed later in life worked out to be quick and painless.  When I came to Dr. Metz I truly felt that my teeth did not belong with this face.  They totally inhibited me from having the great smile I knew I could have.  Only a few months later I now have that great smile and I do owe it all to her.  Just in time for my wedding I was smiling confidently knowing that my teeth now completed my look.  This was the bestinvestment I have ever made as it will pay off from now into my smiling future.  Thank you Dr. Metz."


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"I had wanted tp fix my teeth for years. I had regular metal braces in middle/early high school but I never wore my retainer after and my teeth really shifted out of place since.  My right front tooth started to really protrude where if I had let it go probably would have overlapped the other front tooth.  Also, from smoking my teeth got a bit discolored.  I had always been told I had a nice smikle, but as time wore on and my teeth kept moving.  I started not to want to show it.  I met Dr. Metz at a bridal show where she talked to me about Invisalign.  I made an appointment and because she participates with CareCredit financing I chose to do it.  I was thrilled because I couldn't have afforded to do both, especially before the wedding. 

I had a lot of issues and fear associated with going to the dentist.  I was not a regular visitor to any dentist.  But Dr. Metz and her assistant made me feel confortable every time I've come in.  The approach there to being a "dental spa" vs. just a regular dentist got me in the door and kept me there.  I am thrilled with the results of what Dr. Metz did for my smile.  I'm a regular on the NJ local boards on The Knot & The Nest and I continuously recommend Dr. Metz's office if someone is looking to have dental work done before the wedding because I would love other brides to feel as confident about their smike as I did on my big day."

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